Rachelle Rogers Author

I write because I have something to discover, explore, or share. I write because I love language. I write to touch people in meaningful ways, to give readers the opportunity to bring something of themselves to my work and take away something that hopefully makes a difference.

Originally from NYC, by the mid 1970’s my journey unexpectedly led me to South Florida where I was a leather artisan, freelance editor, dance writer for several publications including The Fort Lauderdale News/Sun Sentinel, and had my first book published. Later, during my years in Chapel Hill, NC, I belonged to a fine craft cooperative, became a real estate agent, taught a Dance Appreciation Video Series, and began seriously writing poetry and fiction. (Can you tell I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up?) Now I live in beautiful Asheville, NC, where I continue to enjoy an eclectic creative life as writer, editor, jewelry designer, and website designer/owner of Serendipity Digital Design.