Being Before Doing

A cosmic wild card has been played, and to the shock and surprise of most of the country, Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States.

Before the election, no matter how grim things looked, I believed humanity was slowly slowly moving forward, that old structures were breaking down so they could be rebuilt in new expansive ways, that Planet Earth was ultimately (although not in my lifetime) moving toward becoming a global community of conscious beings capable of creating a world of compassion, peace, and harmony.

After the results were predicted on that ominous November 8th night, however, the turn of events felt to me like we were catapulted so far backwards we might never be able to recover.

For days after the election I found Facebook friends melting, oozing into a deep pit of depression and fear. The reality of what a Trump presidency might mean had begun to surface. I perused the deluge of links that were posted: articles from The New York Times and Washington Post; videos of impassioned speeches by Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders; lists of organizations to contribute to—American Civil Liberties Union, Planned Parenthood; news clips of demonstrations already in progress; pledges to wear a Safety Pin as a way to offer support to those in fear of racist attacks; phone lines to senators and congressman to voice our views; petitions to sign.

Wide Open Flower
As I clicked on a host of links, I could feel sad and terrifying images creeping dimly through my mind. I knew if I turned even a slant of light upon them, the worst case scenarios would come blindingly to the surface. The truth is, I was afraid of being afraid. I knew how debilitating fear could be.

But I also knew that if I didn’t face and embrace what was arising within me, it would fester into depression, anxiety, and physical symptoms. So I read and watched and grieved and cried and felt the fear.

Over the following week, waves of emotion came and went. As one who lives from the understanding that we are spiritual beings on a physical journey, that everything is energy and vibration and what we focus upon grows (see my previous post: Quantum Physics and the Political Arena), and that we are an expression of Source, I had always known ways to get back to my center. But this felt different. This unexpected jolt backwards had thrown me so far off course that I wasn’t sure if even universal wisdom could direct me home.

But I also knew I couldn’t stay in that hopeless limbo forever. I had to again find some larger vantage point from which to make sense out of what was happening. And some way to go forward from there.

As I came back around to what I know in my heart of hearts, I was reminded that no matter how frightened and threatened we might feel, reacting out of anger and revenge will never lead to a happy outcome.

Hanging Hearts

I began to entertain the notion that perhaps these times presented the opportunity to not match the energy being spewed forth by Donald Trump and his intimidating entourage, but rather to live from the highest of ourselves. It calls for digging soul deep and choosing love over fear every time. This is not an easy thing. As I contemplated these ideas, thoughts came to mind on how we might begin. I offer them here. Take what you can use and toss the rest.

This is certainly a time when some will be called to take action, but how that action is carried out makes all the difference. Before we start doing anything, we need to check in with who we’re being. If action is taken from a stance of reaction, revenge, fear, or anger, it will not accomplish what is wanted, and might even create the opposite. It is so important to set a clear intention for our actions, to envision the end result we want in the most loving way we can, to affirm the best outcome for the highest good of all life.

I understand the cry of many that this is a battle that must be mightily fought, but do we have to take the stance and use the language of war in so many articles and speeches and dialogue? Words like fight, battle, defeat, kill have become the cry of many who are against all things Trump. Can we find a more evolved way to express what’s playing out? Can we somehow focus not upon destroying something, but upon creating something better?

We can be vigilant in paying close attention as things develop, but we really don’t know exactly how events will play out. (How easy was it to predict the outcome of this election?) Events have yet to be created—by both sides of the issues—and each of us has a vibrational part in what comes to be. It’s time to direct our thoughts, beliefs and expectations toward the highest vision of what’s possible. Trump may find that having to make decisions from the Oval Office is very different from whipping an audience into a cheering frenzy during a campaign.

It’s important to take time to move through all feelings, especially the difficult ones, and act only from a centered place. These are some things you can do that can help: Beat a pillow. Go for a run. Hug a tree. Pet your cat. Meditate. Do some yoga, tai chi, qigong. Clear your inner space before taking any action.

If you choose to wear a safety pin, understand that you might be called upon to enter into volatile situations. Stay centered. Try not to think of those involved as “perpetrator” or “victim” or yourself as “rescuer.” Be present. Envision a peaceful outcome.

As you move through your days, don’t match the hateful, oppressive energy being generated by the President Elect and those that surround him. Love is exponentially more powerful than fear. Make this your mantra.

It’s hard to know who and what to trust right now. The best possible advice is to trust your own inner guidance above all. Cultivate the practice of going within, opening your heart, and listening. Use this to evaluate all considered choices and actions.

And remember: a cosmic wild card can become anything; it can even trump a Trump.

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