Quantum Physics And The Political Arena



I love quantum physics—the minuscule amount my brain can wrap itself around—because it offers confirmation of a metaphysical law I came to understand in the 1970’s, namely, where the mind goes, energy flows. Or, as what has become the clearest and most familiar way of putting it: You create your own reality.

In the early 1900’s, Quantum physics discovered that the experiment could not be separated from the experimenter. It was observed that the behavior of energy in the quantum field followed the beliefs and expectations of the observer. For example, electrons under the same conditions sometimes acted like particles (matter), sometimes like waves (energy), completely dependent upon what the observer expected and believed was going to happen.

Maybe this accounts for the fact that one can find a myriad of conclusions on all sides of any scientific “study.” If energy follows thought, I’ve wondered if there can even be purely objective science.

Everything is energy. Everything. (Einstein knew this. Newton did not.) From the caterpillar to the Cat’s Eye Nebula. From the chair that looks and acts so solid, to our bodies’ miraculous conglomeration of cells, molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles of pure energy. Reduced to our essence, we are made of the same stuff as the Source energy of All That Is. And in that, we are interconnected with all things.

Dragon Caterpillar
Cat’s Eye Nebula

Events, both personal and global, that we define as our “reality” consist of energy that blinks on and off, in and out of the field of infinite possibility. This “reality” is created through individual and collective thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and expectations. Energy waits for direction from consciousness. Consciousness, which does not blink on and off, creates out of this quantum energy field. And it does it—we do it—with or without awareness. Consciously or unconsciously, we create happiness or sorrow, health or illness, abundance or poverty, peace or war, love or fear, and everything in between. But in order to understand how we do this, we have to talk about vibration.

All energy is vibration. Vibrational rate can be described as higher or lower in terms of frequency, and everything has its own vibrational frequency—a rock, a flower, a human being. In a human being, a lower vibration can manifest as depression, disease, anger, fear. A higher vibration equates with light, health, vitality, and harmony with the pure positive energy of All That Is. Love in its grandest sense is the highest vibration, fear among the lowest.

Vibrational frequency is the indicator of what will be created within the universal Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that through vibration like attracts like. Similar to a radio frequency, we can only attract/receive what we are tuned in to. And “tuned in” is a tricky business, since the great beneficent universe does not differentiate between whether or not we intellectually want or don’t want a thing. It purely responds to where we resonate vibrationally on the subject. If we really really really want more money, but continually focus on the lack of it, that’s what’s created and recreated in our experience.

As Al Einstein said: No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. As a reminder to myself in certain stuck situations, I like to paraphrase this as—You can’t solve the problem at the level of the problem. The “level” of consciousness being talked about here is vibration. We get what we vibrate through thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and expectations. If we don’t like what’s happening, we can choose to change our focus. This is a simple but not always easy thing. It often has to be done a little at a time. Although it’s not my intention to go into this process here, there’s a wealth of information (books, dvd’s, videos, workshops, websites) available on the power of thought and how to create your own reality.

Which brings me to the connection I noticed between quantum physics and a particular energy dynamic playing out in the current US presidential election.

I don’t watch the news. It’s a choice I made almost thirty years ago in order to maintain my sanity and well-being. The media has pretty much become a venue for inciting fear, a very low vibration. And people that don’t have an inkling of their innate power to create otherwise, fall right into the collective pit of terror. This is not where I choose to hang out. (I do very well manifesting my own personal fears, thank you very much.) This doesn’t mean that I don’t know what’s been going on with this election. It doesn’t mean that I haven’t read online articles, watched YouTube clips, read Facebook comments, or had my reactive moments. But I can say that they’ve been few and far between. These days, I often choose to stay above the fray. If I do dip in, I try to observe mass events from a more expansive perspective. And, although I vote, I also maintain that my well-being is not dependent on whatever happens at the polls.

I did, however, and by accident, watch the second Presidential debate. I had turned on PBS (the only TV I watch) looking forward to seeing the next episode of Poldark on Masterpiece. Instead, I found it preempted by the debate. I admit I got a little curious. I hadn’t watched the first debate, nor anything else between the two candidates directly, so I told myself I would stay tuned as long as I didn’t feel any spinning in my solar plexus. And I did pretty well. But in short, for me the event seemed surreal, the interaction beyond my comprehension at times. While knowing the seriousness of the situation, I also found it mildly amusing. How could anyone make an intelligent decision about who to vote for based on what was enacted?

We get what we focus upon, even if it’s not what we want.

And what I observed got me thinking. From the vantage point of everything as energy and vibration subject to the Law of Attraction, I came to a radical conclusion. Millions of people all over the country are in what I call “reactive mode.” These folks are spewing hatred and anger and name calling at one candidate or another, thinking that if they push back hard enough, with meaner words, more derogatory expletives, even physical violence, that they’re somehow helping the candidate of their choice.

In actuality—and this is the radical part—they’re doing just the opposite. They are “matching” the energy of exactly what they don’t want, and thereby stoking the vibration of the candidate they are railing against. Think about it. We get what we focus upon, even if it’s not what we want. Can you imagine how everything might change if humanity became aware of these fundamental laws of creation?

Of course, not everyone is in intense reactive mode. There are many around the world (more than you might think) who, through creativity, meditation, and intention recognize what’s being played out, but at the same time hold a higher clearer vibration, a vision that’s positive, compassionate, empowering, supportive. Love is exponentially more powerful than fear. This is what can help events evolve toward the most beneficial outcome for all. This is where I choose to put my energy.


  1. Dave

    Thank you Rachelle for a beautiful post. For me it sums up many things and adds a slightly different perspective. And your post is also a wonderful reminder for me about choosing and directing your own thoughts and energy.

    • Rachelle Rogers

      Thank you, Dave. So glad you found something meaningful in it for you.

  2. Laura Elliott

    Rachelle – I loved your blogpost, insightful and beautifully articulated! I resonate with all that you said. Keep writing… Laura

    • Rachelle Rogers

      Thanks so much, Laura. I enjoyed writing this piece, even as I wondered how it might be received.


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